BULL BASIN RANCH is a family run hunting operation on one of the largest  most beautiful mountain ranches in Colorado for hunting trophy elk. Lee Cox, owner and head guide, has been guiding elk for 25 years and has a great passion for elk hunting. Our family is a hunting family having hunted many places around the world, I  still feel there's no other hunt like a elk hunt in the beautiful Colorado mountains. Hearing the bulls call out ,the beautiful fall colors turning it is a change of season signaled by the bugle of elk through out the ranch and surrounding mountains.  Bull basin ranch is one of the largest estate or high fence ranches in North America offering a true free range style hunt on a private estate ranch were with great management of our elk herds we can produce huge bulls every year and hunters will see herds of elk and bulls like they have never imagined. We take around 90 bulls a year with most bulls 6 years of age . We also hunt cows on the ranch every year

What sets Bull Basin Ranch apart from the rest is our family oriented and personal attitude towards taking care of our clients . There are many factors that set us apart from any other ranch that will make your hunt a great hunting experience of a lifetime and guarantee you the very best elk hunt  . The first is the vast size of our ranch and and the beautiful mountain scenery you will be hunting in the quality of a true elk hunting experience. The second is our amazing staff and guides who will take great care of you during your hunt and become your long term friends . I can't say enough about and how important this is. Our staff and guides are the greatest people you will meet while hunting and they do make the difference . Our 5 star lodge is one of the finest luxury lodges in North America . The next thing is we are a huge ranch ,but a very small personal hunting operation not a mass number of 15 to 20 guys in hunting at one time like a few ranches out there  poor and over run with no quality get them in and out rush type hunt . We are a very personally run hunting ranch that will customize your hunts and needs . We can take as many as nine hunters at one time, however that is only with  a large private group however  we never have more than five to six hunters in the lodge and ranch during a hunt giving us lots of room and a quality experience. Our hunts are very family oriented and we have many family hunts and father and son hunts every year which is a great time for us as well. We are conveniently located 45 minutes from Montrose airport which has service connecting into Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix , Dallas so you can fly into Montrose from any were in the country and a quick 45 minute drive up into the mountains from town. Accommodations and food are first class and as important as the rest of the hunt ,a great night sleep comfortable rooms and lodge and great food is what to expect. We have the very best elk hunting in all North America with the best trophy elk hunting with more bulls entered into all of the SCI top ten classes from our ranch than all other ranches together. You can expect the perfect elk hunt of a lifetime with us . We offer a wide range of hunts including guaranteed elk hunts for huge trophy bulls along with the memories and hunt of a lifetime.



"Hello, on behalf of my family and all of our hunting staff, I would like to welcome you to come out and hunt with us on our family ranch in beautiful Colorado.  We are located in the heart of Colorado mountains, Bull basin ranch sets at 7,300 to 9,600 feet with views of some of the most spectacular scenery, 12,000 to 14,000 ft mountains around us and views that go on forever. We are close to the Black canyon National park and Colorado's largest lake blue mesa reservoir ,and many of Colorado's mountain towns so there are lots of extra things to do and see while you are out here.  Our ranch ranges from 7,000 feet to over 9,600 feet in the Cimarron mountains between Montrose and Gunnison Colorado. This is an ideal family hunting ranch along with our beautiful lodge it makes for a great hunt and  for you & your wife or whole family and groups that want a lodge and ranch exclusively to then selves.

  We love what we are doing and take great effort and pride to make you our clients - future friends as happy and excited to be out hunting elk as we are. We are very blessed to be able to hunt elk in such a beautiful area of Colorado. It is a great experience each year for us to meet people from all over the world and share time with them under the beautiful Colorado skies hunting elk.  I am lucky to have a family that enjoys the outdoors and hunting, fishing, hiking and camping.  All the things that my father taught me and passed down to me along with his values and ethics.  I now have the opportunity to pass these ideals & outdoors and knowledge down to my four children. We enjoy the company, stories and valuable friends we make each year.  We take your hunting very serious and professional, but at the same time, make it as personal and comfortable as we can and look forward each year to meeting new people and returning clients that have become great friends ." We will custom build your hunt to meet your exact needs and style of hunting .

Thank You      

Lee Cox