Bull Basin Ranch offers the ultimate trophy bull elk hunting experience to meet your needs. We can customize a hunt package for our clients to fit any needs & physical abilities. You will be in the most spectacular mountain scenery in the west. Our huge hunting ranch is thousands of acres all high fenced big enough to give you a true free range hunting experience. Seeing huge herds of elk and as many as 25 mature bulls a day. We have managed our elk herd into one of the best in the country, our records speak well of the success with more RECORD BOOK ELK ENTERED INTO SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL'S RECORDS than all other ranches combined . Every year on the ranch we take 350- 400 inch plus typical bulls and giants, up to the current SCI WORLD RECORDS. With 80% typical and some amazing non-typical elk that come off of BULL BASIN RANCH.

Most of our trophy bull elk hunting is done by spot and stalk, we set on elk wallows, ponds,steams, , and hunt big open sage parks and meadows in mornings, evenings and even mid day. hunting through the pine forest ,driving the many miles of roads,and calling bulls in during the rut, we will call bulls to within 15 yards…an amazing experience!  Hunters can expect to see 25+ bulls a day along with numbers of cows and smaller bulls. During the mid -day. We use double seat ATVs and trucks to get around on the ranch that can seat up to six hunters comfortably.

We have some of the best genetics in the world with the heaviest mass of any elk herd in all of North America as well as very wide bulls.  We have HUGE TYPICAL ELK , perfect 6 by 6 framed bulls and some amazing non-typical bulls.  We try to harvest 60-75 mature bulls a year off of the ranch varying from year to year to maintain a good number of big bulls for years to come.

We get around the ranch on double seat ATV Kawasaki mules which seat up to six people very comfortably as well trucks. The ranch has a vast topography with canyons ,mountain valleys huge open mountain sage parks ,meadows,small basins and large flat ridges.Over all it is mostly flat which makes it very easy to get around on for walking on the ranch and driving . While hunting all bulls are field scored usually within 5 inches as our guides are experts of judging elk. The final score is done back at the lodge using safari club international  scoring system. Hunters can book a hunt for a bull of a  size, but can hunt any bull they choose as the opportunities present themselves while hunting. You may see buffalo and very rare pure white buffalo or even fallow deer while hunting and your guide can help you with the quality of animal and price at that time as well.  We see about 40% archery and 60% rifle hunters each year and are highly experienced in archery hunting. Rifles from 270 and up are required. My personal favorite elk cartridge is a 300 and  338.  Most shots will be 50 to 150 yards for rifle and 10 to 30 yards for archery.  The ranch is mostly flat ridges, high mountain basins and small valleys ideal for hunting trophy bulls, and is very easy to get around on but during the elk rut we let the elk do most of the work which is a very exciting way to hunt. There are also many areas that are very tough, but fun to hunt in. Hunting down in some of these valleys and canyons can be a great experience but You might have to pack a knife and fork to eat your elk there versus packing it our…just kidding,  that is what your guide is for. There is no better elk hunting experience than that at Bull Basin Ranch.